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South Carolina has a rich history in the genre of gospel quartet music. A major portion of this history, however, has been overlooked. Most importantly it is being lost. There are many South Carolinians who have sung and are singing with groups that travel the highways and byways on a regular basis. These National Groups are know by all those who are true fans of this genre. There are many South Carolina quartet groups and group members that have come and gone. Their memories unfortunately do not linger on. Unfortunately the "National Groups" get most of the airplay, while the local or regional artists are left to fade into obscurity. We are changing that paradigm by airing music from South Carolina gospel quartet no matter whether they have recorded one song, one CD or on a national label.

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Historical Notes!
Louis Johnson, affectionately known as "Big Louis," was born on October 7, 1929, in Wagener, South Carolina. He once sang with the Spiritualaires of Columbia, South Carolina. Of course, he is most notably known for being a member of the world famous Swan Silverstones.

Big Louis recorded many songs with the Swans. On the album cover of "I've Got Myself Together" it is noted that "Johnson's vibrant tenor has immense range and volume; his rhythmic command is impeccable." With the release of "What's The Matter Now," Johnson is described as "an all purpose lead" singer, with the ability to "croon, preach, chant, and when necessary, growl and rock with breathtaking vocal power." He was also an accomplished arranger. He died on Monday, December 28, 1992.